February 16

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Ministry Schedule February 2020

Ministry schedule March 2020


Scrip Blank Order 8-21-2019

St. Mary Mass Times

Nativity of the BVM Mass Times

Sunday Masses

Sunday Masses

  • Saturday 4:00PM
  • Sunday 6:30AM, and 8:00AM
  • Saturday 4:00PM
  • Sunday 9:45AM
Weekday Masses Weekday Masses
  • Monday 7:00AM
  • Tuesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 7:00AM
  • Saturday 8:00AM
  • Wednesday 8:00AM
  • Friday 8:00AM
St. Mary Confession Times Nativity of the BVM Confession Times
  • Monday, Thursday – when priest is available.
  • Saturday 8:30-9:00AM
  • Sunday When Priest is Available
  • Saturday When Priest is Available
  • Sunday When Priest is Available


Let’s unite as the Body of Christ to fight the greatest evil of our day, abortion.  To build a culture of life, we must start with prayer.  Please join the worldwide “Pray to End Abortion” cause on Facebook, at www.ProLifePrayers.org.  Be part of the largest prayer group in history! Who Is Planned Parenthood, Inc.?

This is for anyone and everyone to do!

Boycott Letter – Your voice can make the difference in saving a baby’s life! Please sign and mail this letter to protest companies who support PP. The latest Boycott Letter is available under the Forms Tab above.

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