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St. Joseph Guardian of the Redeemer Perpetual Adoration Chapel

 Sunday 3:00 am – adorer needed 

Sunday, 1:00 pm – adorer needed    

Tuesday, Midnight – adorer needed                  

Friday, 11:00 pm – adorer needed              

Saturday,  12:00 pm – co-adorer needed

Saturday,  4:00 pm – adorer needed

Saturday,  10:00 pm – adorer needed

Hour Captains Needed

11:00 am

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

 8:00 pm 

10:00 pm 

11:00 pm 

Adoration Hour Captains

Unless you talk to someone directly, please don’t assume your hour will be covered.

Have you felt the tugging but are resisting? 

PLEASE ANSWER HIS CALL to spend one hour a week with Him!

It is not hard; you do not need to fill the Hour with a lot of praise, and/or worship prayers: Perhaps read that spiritual book you have been wanting to get to for a long time. Pray for your wayward children or grandchildren; tell Him about your worries and give them to Him for His help; escape the noise of the world, calm yourself and enjoy the serenity of one quiet Hour a week with the One Who Can Do All Things.

There are reading materials, prayers and devotionals in the Chapel for your use – or just be there in His Presence. 

TRY it out, if it works, please sign up and commit to the one hour a week. There are lots of subs and people to help you if you can’t be there sometimes. If it doesn’t work, just let us know. But we need YOUR HELP to at least TRY making one of these Hours YOUR weekly Holy Hour:

Will you spend one hour a week, or share a Holy Hour every other week with a friend? The Lord has been waiting for your decision.

May God bless you for trying it out!

To sign up for an Adoration Hour please email
or call Kathy MacFarlane (563) 580-1334

Online Adorer Resources

(username / password required)

Access to the following information is accessible to scheduled adorers and substitutes.  Please login to the Adoration Resources Website using the information provided by the Adoration Schedule Coordinator.